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Professional Mediation, Paralegal & Risk Management Services

We are a professional mediation, paralegal and risk management services firm that thrives on customer satisfaction. We believe in our ability to find the most effective solutions to assist our clients in achieving the best overall outcome for their business performance and personal gain. One of our goals while achieving these successful results, is to keep the stress and anxiety low for our clients, while maintaining a cost-effective approach to the issues at hand.

We work with integrity, honor, trust and value.

We have a very strong paralegal presence in the legal community and an exceptional mediation practice that assists all parties in successfully resolving conflict. In fact, we are proud to be a preferred mediation vendor for CLC Incorporated, a leading provider of legal and financial programs for employee assistance programs (EAP), membership associations, insurance companies and national marketing entities throughout the US, Puerto Rico and Canada, serving over 27 million households and over 25,000 corporations.





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Our Mission

Slingshot Legal Services main goal since inception has been value of service. Our clients are the heart of our business and we truly value these relationships, so their overall happiness and satisfaction with our services is our top priority. We strive to offer unbeatable services that will assist our clients in taking the next positive direction in their business, life or situation.

Slingshot Legal Services is an Oregon Certified Emerging Small Business (ESB) Company, certified by the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID) for the State of Oregon (Certification No. 12114)  

Discover what makes Slingshot Legal Services stand out from other Mediation, Paralegal & Risk Management Firms

  • Quick and Timely Responses

    At Slingshot Legal we take pride in our ability to promptly respond to our clients in a quick and timely manner. We are a local company and we understand the importance of your time therefore, we try to return all calls and e-mails within 24 business hours of receipt. At times we may be out of the office, however, we will promptly respond to you upon our return.

  • Cost Efficient Service

    We have a very cost effective and efficient fee structure for the mediation, paralegal and risk management services we offer. For the variety of services and options that we are able to provide to our client’s, we feel we are very well positioned to compete in the mediation, paralegal and risk management sector of our community and beyond.

  • Core Values

    Our core values stand out as they represent who we are as individuals and as a company. Our core values are solely based upon customer commitment and satisfaction. We work closely with our clients and our efficiency in all matters ensures our clients that we will help them to achieve the most successful outcome possible.

  • Broad Audience

    We have a very diverse client base. We happily assist everyone from individuals to corporate level clients (small-large), law firms and solo-practitioners, as well as construction companies to sub-contractors and many others.

  • Complexity and Size of the Issue is Never a Challenge

    No matter is too small, too large or too complex for us. Due to our expertise and experience Slingshot Legal takes on matters of all sizes and complexity. We think outside of the box and we explore ideas to solve the problems within the situation that most other companies would not think of. We have a proactive style of thinking, which allows us to see options and alternatives within problem solving itself.

  • Results

    We have proven results and because of our dedicated staff, our results are incomparable. We do not stop pursuing the best result until all options have been played out. We are a resolution and result oriented firm. We take our clients and their satisfaction of our services very seriously. We have open minds and enjoy working with others to resolve the stressful situations in the lives of our clients.

Slingshot Legal Services does not condone nor conduct any mediation or activities that in any way violate ORS 9.160-ORS 9.166.

We are not attorneys and cannot in any context, provide or advise others of legal advice, appear in court on behalf of others, draft or select legal documents, act as an immigration consultant, hold ourselves to be lawyers or be engaged in the Unlawful Practice of Law.