One of the things we have noticed, is that clients like people and other businesses knowing about their projects and conquers of the day. So we have decided to add a page to our website, where we congratulate our clients with achievements that we have made together to make their business more successful. This page is created for the enjoyment of past, current and prospective clients. Please feel free to ask any questions related to any of the projects with our wonderful clients.

9/18/17 – Kronsberg Electric, Inc. successfully prevailed on a contract dispute on a project in New Mexico. Slingshot Legal Services was the main negotiator (internally) for our good client.

4/6/18 – Great job working together with Kronsberg Electric, Inc. in filing a Claim of Construction Lien on a Deschutes County, Oregon project and negotiated a dollar-for-dollar full payment.

4/25/18 – Congratulations to Joey Lin for working with us and obtaining a $3,000 judgment in Washington County Small Claims against an individual that vandalized his car.

5/11/18 – Eastern Oregon client Lindsay Development, LLC dba McKenzie Heavy Excavation successfully prevails on an account receivable with Washington subcontractor. Slingshot Legal Services was internal paralegal and negotiated the great outcome for McKenzie Cascade Heavy Excavation.

8/28/18 – Wonderful Central Oregon client, Lindsay Development, LLC dba McKenzie Cascade Heavy Excavation retained us to assist (internally) with a dispute on an accounting claim with a past client. We were able to successfully negotiate a deal where our client receive what was due to them, dollar for dollar.

11/30/18 – We would like to congratulate Joey Lin and his father David Lin and their company Linck, Inc. for their successful sale of UPS Store 3134 (Milwaukie) after a very successful 10+ year run. Slingshot Legal Services assisted Linck, Inc. in negotiating a very stressful but successful sale.

12/1/18 – Congratulations to Tom Weedman, owner of Town Center Automotive, LLC for the successful sale of his business to Kevin Safley, owner of Oregon Transmission & Diesel Center, LLC. Kevin will continue to operate out of 8001 SE Harmony Street, Portland, Oregon 97222, the previous site of the Seller. Slingshot Legal Services assisted Seller with the transaction from beginning to end with a very happy client.