We Serve

Construction Matters

  • Lien preparation (including all post-lien notices)
  • Property owner traces
  • Document review (if matters are beginning to go outside of the construction schedule)
  • Presence at weekly on-site meetings and any site inspections whether related to new builds, potential claims, or Cure Notice Issues (notes will be taken and provided to the client)

Collection Issues

  • Preparation of demand letters to send to debtors (demanding payment within ten [10] days of receiving the demand)
  • Assistance with the judgment recovery process (i.e. if you have a judgment against a person or company, we can assist in attempting to collect on it)
  • Assistance with attaching property (in any state) if a judgment has been obtained (provided the judgment debtor has property)
  • Conduct debtor/creditor examinations
  • Asset and UCC filing research
  • Research lawsuits in other county’s and states

Small Claims Actions

  • Assistance with the preparation of small claims forms, the service of Summons and Complaint, preparation for mediation and/or trial, judgment recovery, and the filing of required documents for debtor examinations
  • Conduction or assistance with debtor examinations
  • Referrals to attorneys

Please note that the maximum claim in Small Claims Court in Oregon is $10,000 (not including fees and costs), the maximum in Washington is $5,000 (not including fees and costs), the maximum in Idaho is $7,000 (not including fees and costs), the maximum in Montana is $7,000 (not including fees and costs) and the maximum in California is $10,000 (person/sole proprietorship) and $5,000 for businesses (both not including fees and costs)

Attorney Assistance

  • Preparation of all types of pleadings (including, but not limited to Complaints, Answers, RFPs, Interrogatories, Subpoenas, Rule 21 motions, Summary Judgment motions, Declarations)
  • Preparation for mediation, arbitration, and trial
  • Presence and note-taking at depositions, hearings, mediation, arbitration, and trial
  • All phases of construction litigation (beginning to end)
  • Most phases of civil litigations (beginning to end)
  • Assist with preparing clients for depositions, mediations, arbitrations and trial
  • Meet with and prepare all witnesses for testifying
  • Assist with preparing expert for testimony at all hearings and trial
  • Notary Public Services


  • Construction Litigation
  • Construction Management
  • Contract Review
  • Litigation Support
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Trial Preparation
  • Witness Interviewing
  • Trial Support
  • Construction Site Visits
  • Document Reviews
  • ORS 36.670 (Agent for Private Arbitration)
  • Pleading Assistance
  • Demands
  • Pre/Post Lien Notices
  • Lien Preparation and Lien Filing
  • Assist with Collection on Past Accounts Due
  • Employee/Employment Disputes
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Wage Disputes
  • Management Disputes
  • CCB Disputes
  • BOLI Disputes


Slingshot Legal Services does not condone nor conduct any paralegal activities that in any way violates ORS 9.160-ORS 9.166. We are not attorneys and cannot in any context, provide or advise others of legal advice, appear in court on behalf of others, draft or select legal documents, act as an immigration consultant, hold ourselves to be lawyers or be engaged in the Unlawful Practice of Law.

Slingshot Legal Services does not assist with any matters concerning domestic violence, bankruptcy, or divorce at this time.