In an attempt to keep our clients up to date on the businesses that we work with as a result of being a Member of LeTip International, Inc., we offer referrals to other businesses, outside of the services that Slingshot provides. Slingshot is a proud Member of the LeTip International Sellwood Chapter. We meet once a week at 7 a.m. No Member offers the same discipline, so our referral network is one of the largest and we have access to referrals for services and products internationally. Currently our local Chapter offers the following:

1. Signs & Banners                                          

2. Painter (external & internal)

3. Cable/Internet Services. Contractor

4. Gutter/Roof/Window Cleaning Services

5. Massage Services

6. Accident/hospitalization, insurance coverage

7. Chiropractor Services

8. Printing

9.  Plumbing Supplies

10. IT & Computer Services

11. Contractor, Remodeling Services

12. Payment Processing

13. Insurance, Property/Causality Services

14. Attorney-Personal Injury

15. Financial Advisor

16. Residential Realtor

17. Mortgage Loans

18. Drywall Contractor

19. Acupuncture

20. Personal Trainer

21. Flooring

22. Bookkeeper Services

23. Construction, Contractor, Remodeling

24. Accountant Services

25. Moving & Storage

26. Carpet Cleaning

27. Contractor, Handyman

28. Promotional Products

29. Internet Marketing

30. Auto Repair

31. Contractor/HVAC

32. Banking

33. Contractor, Roofing

Also please remember, if there is a service you need and it is not listed above, we can find it. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone and we will take down the necessary information for the referrals above or any service that isn’t listed. We always follow-up and make sure our clients are well taken care of. Should you ever have any issues with our referral, please contact Shawn Stanley immediately at or (503) 260-6549.