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Since our inception, Slingshot Legal Services has been tenaciously focused on providing superior mediation and paralegal services for reasonable rates.

Slingshot is completely designed around aiding law firms, solo practitioners, businesses, and individuals with any non-attorney legal assistance while minimizing our client’s financial exposure and risks.

Due to minimal overhead expenses, our firm confidently offers low hourly rates for top of the line paralegal services. Our team has over 28 years of experience in construction litigation as well as employment and labor law and specializes in all types of mediation and arbitration in all areas of law.

We aim to ensure that everyone has access to the best paralegal services, and Slingshot Legal Services helps us achieve that goal while also setting us apart from the industry model.

Trust Slingshot with your next project and discover the difference for yourself.

Slingshot Legal Services is a proud Member of LeTip International, Inc., Sellwood, Oregon Chapter.

Shawn Stanley



My interest in the legal profession began in the summer of 1989, immediately following an industrial accident involving the ice machine at a local ice rink. My attorney at the time, Peter Glazer – http://gmplawyers.com/, based on a potential personal injury claim, noted my interest in the legal field and all the work that went into building a solid case against the parties involved.

After the passing of time and being personally involved, I experienced first hand the countless meetings, discovery process, depositions, endless settlement conferences, pre-trial hearings, pre-trial briefing schedules and finally trial. However, we settled “on the courthouse steps”. The reason we settled? The ol’ mighty Statute of Limitations. And of course, “the settlement”, which was based on the lifetime use of the machine that we missed by 3 months, was simply a, what I call a “nuisance settlement” and certainly didn’t even rank in the top 1% of fairness for everything that I had lost due to that one accident. Did the opposing party care that their machine, due to a legal technicality and an obvious flaw in the system design of the equipment (in my opinion), ruined my future hockey career, my scholarship potentials, my athletic skills, the hundreds and hundreds of hours of physical therapy, the mental and emotional anguish experienced by all involved? Absolutely not! And so the curious mind began and the interest in the legal profession became a career path.

I have worked as a civil litigation paralegal since 1990, beginning my career with very prominent law firm in Portland, Oregon, Bogle and Gates, PLLC. At that time, my focus was in general litigation, in order to at some point, narrow down the type of specific area of law I wanted to work in. Throughout my 7 year career at Bogle and Gates I learned a lot about employment law, real estate law, construction law, civil rights law, commercial law, water rights law, labor law, landlord/tenant law. collection law and many other types of law. In addition, I was fortunate enough to work with two attorneys, now sitting Judges in the Court of Appeals

After my 7 years at Bogle and Gates, I decided to move on in my legal journey and joined the well know construction and real estate firm of Tarlow, Jordan & Schrader and worked under the direct supervision of mentor and friend Author L. Tarlow – http://www.tnslaw.net/art-tarlow.html, building up my in depth knowledge of construction and business litigation to a very high standard. It was also during my 6 year period with Mr. Tarlow that I graduated from Portland State University (1997) with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Sociology with a Minor in History. I further pursued a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution. During that period I also became a Court Appointed Special Advocate (“CASA”) for Multnomah County and graduated in the 2nd class of the continuing program. Additionally, at the guidance of Mr. Tarlow and my father, became heavily involved in real estate, developing and purchasing multi-family, multi-use developments, purchasing and operating duplexes and triplexes throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as participating in start-up company’s both in the legal profession and that of other professions as well. Additionally, I was again fortunate to work with a lawyer, who is now a sitting Judge in the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court.

Upon Art Tarlow announcing his semi-retirement from practicing law in the Portland, Oregon area and leading up to his practice in the Dominican Republic, I branched out and went to work for the second largest law firm in the Pacific Northwest, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt – https://www.schwabe.com

At Schwabe, I had the distinct pleasure and honor of working with many incredible lawyers, paralegals, assistants and staff. It was an incredible 11+ year run. During that time period, I was 95% primarily assigned to the Chair of the Construction Group and had the divine opportunity to really and fully develop my love and the education for law and the legal process and more specifically, the true construction side of litigation and all its amazing moving parts. I had the chance to fine tune the experiences, passion, education and drive that both my father and Art Tarlow instilled in me. Because I was working primarily for the Chair of the Construction Group, I had the opportunity to specialize in all sides of litigation, being plaintiff/defendant/witnesses/intensely involved from start to end, from the filing of the Complaint to shaking hands with jurors and learning their thoughts on the verdict, speaking with the judges and learning about the legal procedures from those who make the decisions. I experienced over 100 mediations and arbitrations and over 4 dozen trials, all sitting in the second chair next to my 2nd mentor in my career, a co-pilot if you will. It was experience of a lifetime and what an experience it was.

It was on my 24th year as a civil litigation paralegal, 3 major law firms later and thousands of hours learning pure litigation skills from the most knowledgeable people in the legal industry, including three sitting judges (in their private practice prior to being elected to the Bench), I took the next step in my life and created Slingshot Legal Services.

The goal of starting Slingshot Legal Services, and the purpose of its existence, is to bring high quality paralegal work to lawyers (solo practitioners, small, medium and large law firms), businesses and individuals at a fair and equitable pricing structure. I enjoy taking my 28 year career, experiences and knowledge and helping  people both personally and professionally.

In my spare time, I attempt to enjoy hiking, running, shooting hoop, ice skating attempting to play hockey again), riding bikes (manually), trying to learn this minute-by-minute evolving life of changing technology, social media and the like.

However, in my spare time I love spending time with my girlfriend Michelle (who is also the backbone to this company), watching movies, going to events, playing with my dog and office manager Gracie, who is one of the most stubborn, brilliant, sassy, spoiled pups I know, riding on my electric scooter (thank you Brad at Works Electric  – http://www.works-electric.com/ , traveling and when the time permits, just chilling out.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the very finest in the legal profession and this company is my way of giving back what I was so lucky to have learned, experienced and lived.

I would like to personally thank past, current and hopefully future clients for making this company the success it has been since inception and continuing for the foreseeable future. So again, thank you all.

Portland State University

Bachelor of Science:

  • Major: Psychology/Sociology
  • Minor: History

Graduate Studies:

  • Conflict Resolution

Further Training:

  • Basic Mediation Training – 45 Hours, including 1.5 hours of Ethics. This training meets the State of Oregon training requirements for Community Mediators

Community Service:

  • Multnomah County Court Appointed Special Advocate (“CASA”)
  • Universal Life Church Ordained Minister


  • LeTip International, Inc. Sellwood Chapter – Ethics Chair
  • Oregon Mediation Association
  • Portland State University Alumni
  • Home Builders Association of Metro Portland
  • Emerging Small Business (ESB) Certified by the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity for the State of Oregon

Continuing Legal Education Seminars:

  • Construction Contracts, Risks and Insurance (2017)
  • Construction Defects from the Developer & GC Perspectives (2018)
  • Representatives Selection & Extrapolation of Construction Defects (2018)
  • Budgeting & Estimating (Building Maintenance, Repairs & Improvements) (2018)
  • Fire Resistive Assembling (2018)
  • Investigating Water Intrusion Claims (2018)
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Construction Defect Claims (2019)
  • Cost Estimate Analysis (2019)
  • Allocation of Responsibility of Construction Defects (2019)
  • Investigation Water Intrusion (2019)
  • Slip, Trip & Fall Claims (2019)
  • Adjacent Property Disputes (2019)
  • General Liability Claims (2019)
  • Investigating Water Intrusion Claims (2019)
  • State of Construction Defect Industry; What’s the Same and What’s New